Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Finally completed the switch of my fleet over to JR 9xII. Been using the Castle Creation berg 4 Rxs for awhile, and i found them to work great - small, light, with dsp filtering and full range. So i ordered the CC berg 7 Rxs to replace the electron 6s and new sets of crystals to switch over to new frequency. The size of CC berg 7 Rx is smaller than the electron 6 and the xtal fits into the case completely not protruding out like electron 6. A few dislikes are that the rx does not sit itself firmly in the case, it will wobble abit. Open up the case and abit blue tack fix that. Another thing is the antenna, it is quite stiff and does not take on new shape well. The end of it is curly, no matter how i tried to straighten it, it still remains curly. Besides that, its a good Rx and have some extra features that can be programmed using the CC USB link like servo sampling rate, programmable output channel, fail safe.

Switching from the 9c to 9xII was relatively ok since both use templated programming styles. I just have to get used to the new switch assignments. Comparing the two, 9C is simple, very easy to program, while the 9xII gives more details and uses the concept of flight modes. Individual settings (like trims, rates, mixes) are possible in each flight modes. For heli mode, the 9xII uses channel 7 for remote gyro gain instead of channel 5 as in the futaba. It can still be done on channel 5 if you have a 6channel rx through the use of ATVs or endpoints. To fully use the gyro gain menu needs a 7channel rx on JR.

There is also this feature that the 9xII have which is the CCPM exponential on the swash. It is suppose to remove the non-linear movement of the swashplate to reduce CCPM interactions. Not sure if this works, but my trex blades tracked the first time i switched over the settings to the 9xII. For the 7-points pitch/throttle curves, instead of just graphic curves, 9xII also shows the exact throttle stick position in digits. There is also an exponential function to smoothen out the curves. Nice feature.

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RandomTask said...

I got dibs on the electron 6 if you selling them cheap lol!