Friday, January 19, 2007

na na-na na-na

The continuous torrent rain over the past few weeks really drowned my mood to do any building. With the skies clearing up, i finally got started on the banana build. The banana by baudis is a 60" F3F slope racer which is fully molded with a full carbon spar and huge full span ailerons.

The ailerons are live hinged as with most moldies .The plans include directions how to install flaps but i chosen to keep in simple n just have full span ailerons. It has the so called 'magical' MG06 airfoil which response very well to camber and allows it to fly in a wide range of conditions. From some of the videos i have seen, its very acrobatic as well. The best one i have seen is this one.

The build techniques are fairly similar to the discus i have done earlier,except for some areas like no cut outs for the wing servos, a V-tail, and narrow fuselage. Using Futaba 3150s for the ailerons, hs 65s for v-tails,cc berg 4 rx and eneloop AAA 800mah as rx pack.

Started with the wings, with some measurements taken from rcgroups, measured n cut out the servo spots. The wings are very thin, 10mm wide at the thickest area and the wing skin even thinner. So i reinforced the area quite abit before gluing in the servos. First epoxy in a piece of FG cloth then cut a few pieces of balsa ribs to bridge the upper and lower skins of the wing at the sides of the servo placement to spread the mounting loads further.

Glue in the servo horns, measure clevis length, glue in servos with epoxy/microballon mix, not using masking tape this time. The 3150s bulge out abit, but should be ok once i put the servo covers up.

Thats all at the moment, the fuselage will be a bit more complicated due to the vtails and tight space. Weekend's here, have wind, will fly.

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