Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Recap 2006, wish list 2007

06 had been a great year of RC for me, just a recap of things here. Started the year with the sloping season, flew the Elster, Weasel, Multiplex easyglider, Windrider easypro. Then sold the easyglider. Got into GWS foamies, warbird corsair, formosa. Formosa was great trainer that i used to practice the acro stuff, must have been one of the longest serving electric plane. Bought the align speed glider for some speed thrills, even entered in the BBAFC pylon race with it just for fun. Next was the filton mini extra 330,3D was fun, lots of things to learn and perform, maybe thats why im not bored of it yet. The only flyable electric plane i have left as of now.

Started into helis with Trex that opened up a new area of fun, different from planes. Its definitely more difficult to master and that kept me hooked. Think i did ok, after 6mths ,i went from hovering to forward flight, FFF to now nose-in hovering.i feel its important to get the basics right, before going to the fancy 3D stuff. Got myself a mini lama too for fun at home. After awhile got bored of it lol.

Lots of buying and selling,thats part of this hobby, there is always something new to look forward to, so got to recycle that cash. Have sold away mpx easyglider, windrider easypro, gws corsair, formosa, speed glider, mini lama. Hanger looks different now. Finally ended the year with a scale glider, baudis discus 2b. Its like coming to a full circle. I was attracted to this hobby one Christmas day 2 years ago when i saw them gliding at bedok reservoir slope. Now i finally get to fly one. Great feeling. And of coz, not forgetting the numerous friends i made in this hobby. The funflys, crashes, plane rescues, shopping trips to LHS will be meaningless without them.

Looking forward to this year 07, wish list - get a nitro heli, prob raptor 50. Polish up on the helis, planes skills, A hotliner waiting to be fix, hmm scale planes looks nice, jets maybe. A DLG perhaps for the itches after the slope season. Let's see how it goes... Great year ahead and many happy landings.

What's in the hanger now.(Superzoom and TT ehawk belongs to my friend who rented some hanger space. lol)

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