Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Needle 115 in the making

Thuro , designer of the needle series 100, 124 is now working on a new size 115. The needle 100 currently holds the world record for F3F, it performs well mostly in heavy tubulant cross wind conditions like lung pung in taiwan. Its slick profile, and smaller size allows it to have lesser drag compared to the bigger ships in cross wind and the shorter wingspan allows it to maintain wing torsional stiffness, the wings hardly flexes.

While the 124 maybe too long wing span for F3F where agility is needed on some technical slopes. Something in between will be perfect, allowing it to be suitable across a wider range of conditions and slopes yet maintain structural stiffness. A few new F3F models are also designed in similar wingspans (2.7~2.85m), Crossover, Respect. The 115 will be something to look forward to next year.

More from RCN here.

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