Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Maiden flights general tips

General tips for maiden.

 - check control direction is correct, left,right,rudder,elevator.

- ensure correct throws in control surface. A lot of times I see planes setup with too much throws, pilots cannot control. For gliders, less is more.  

-dial in some expo for all control surface. Ard 20-30%. So it's not too sensitive at start.

 - check c.g is correct.slightly Nose heavy is safer for maiden. 

 - check all linkages , control rods, screws, plugs, wings, horizontal stab, vertical stab, vtails, battery, receiver, servos are secure. 

- check motor direction,esc programming is correct,prop is secure,hold on plane n test power.

 -For maiden flight, if you can get a friend to help you launch so you have full focus n controls. Give it a good toss forward slight angle up 10-20 degree, not too much, throttle up as he launch.

 -Climb up to good height , test glide then trim the plane. 

-at good height, test air brakes, see how the plane react as it slows down. 

 -again at good height, Go a few rounds circuit , slow the plane down n gauge the stall speed. So that you know how slow you can fly the plane before it stalls. Especially useful for landing n low level flights. Don't fly too low n too slow. 

-for landing first time, make sure you have good length of runway, some gliders can glide forever. Circle until you bleed off enough speed, turn on air brakes as you come in the final approach. Keep the wings level , use elevator to control landing speed, don't slow down too much until the plane stall. Flare slightly just before plane touch ground.

 Good luck.

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