Saturday, November 10, 2012

Unwrapping Aeromod

Very well packed this time round from Aeromod, each pc individually labelled. Lets see what we have.

Ballasts for Prodij

Vtail for prodij with big brother Alliaj's

Quality and finish of Aeromod's hollow molded series of gliders has improve quite a bit from the first ones we had 2 years ago. Very smooth n nice with no dimples now.

Prodij fuse

 fits nicely

cant resist a bench fly with FT's prodij. Very visible colours in the sky

postman came in the afternoon with bigger box.

wings and alliaj fuse

Alliaj hm

new slim Alliaj hm fuse, thinner than Cyril

nice CF

prodij hm one piece wing in orange memo

ultralight UMS carbon

super thin wing

Thats about it for this year's unboxing from me. Next unboxing will most likely be in 7 months time. The wait begins again.

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