Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fish covering

All ready for covering. Used Oracover , bright n visible pearl yellow with pretty pink. This is my first time covering, it took awhile to get use to it, there were some some crease and wraps along the way overall turned out quite ok. The quality of the Oracover is good, the adhesive is activated easily and it sticks quite well to EPP without the use of 3m77.


Trim the cover to about 1 inch oversize all round

Iron was set to 250~300F for the full balsa surfaces.

Pretty pink.

Bottom of wing in pink too.

Fuselage in yellow, Oracover doesn't stretch much so small pieces of covering to go around the edges first.

Covered up with 2 whole pieces on each side.

All covered up

At this point i compared the wing sizes of Weasel pro, Elster, Banana, Fish. Le fish wings is at 1.65m, ops may have problem fitting it into the car.

Drew out some designs and cut out the templates for the trims.


At this stage its time to glue everything together. First the wings are inserted and Gooped to fuselage

Apply Goop to filer and slide in between fuse and wings

Hole cut in the fuse to accommodate the connectors. Taped over and covered up.

Check the incidence before gooping on the horizontal fin.

Vertical fin next

Ensure all squared up.

Trims applied to wings

Over and under tension hinges use to hinge the elevator and rudder on.

Control horns attached and looking good.


Left one last step, thats to get the C.G. The 2 small weights that were glued in earlier was not enough to balance the plane at 2.75 inch from L.E. Had to do some surgery and added more weights.

Cut open the front of the fuse.

Weights needed to get C.G at 2.75 inch from LE.

Tons of goop poured into the nose.

Surgery done.

Temporary design in case need to adjust the C.G again. Fishy!

Finally all done! Going fishing, flight impressions in next post.

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