Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Great start to slope season

What a start, the slope season started the way it ended, with a blast! And it came early. Usually it will go through a transition period for the wind to build up but not this year. The winds just started blasting strongly out of nowhere, just that the direction is abit off from the left and abit cold at times.

Well, the die hards are well prepared. Some came with new planes, some came with refurbished planes, some just came to look see and say hi.

Its more than just flying at the slope, as what one bro said "This glider flying is somewhat special. We meet for 3 months and don't see each other for 9 months, when we meet again, some trying to remember each other's name but immediately the conversation continues like we only met yesterday."

Every year for 3 months, men from all over the island make their yearly pilgrimage up the scared hill.
The pavilion, where we sometimes huddle together to hide from the rain.

The whole gang is here.

While we enjoyed ourselves, i notice there were some construction on both sides of the hill, a face lift perhaps. Lets hope they preserved the hill, its the only one that allowed this kind of graceful flying.

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