Monday, November 26, 2007

Salto H101

Last year around Nov, i ordered the discus, banana and the salto. Well time flies, the discus and banana have flown, now its time for salto. Reason i got the salto was i wanted something different from the discus, a change of flavour, something faster and slick. It looked fast n slick.

This is the 2.4m 1:6 scale by Baudis model. Here's the specs,

The kit - a pair of wings, fuselage, V-tail and some misc hardware. Usually, the lesser the pieces the higher the price. lol.
Dry fit
The stuff going in - Hs65 on the ailerons, JR DS362 for the rudder-elavator V-tail, Great-planes nylon control horns, FG wing covers, 3 pin deans connector and Berg 7 rx. Going to reuse the same battery from the discus.

On with the build, for fix-wings, it alwvayz startz viz zhe vingz.

A pair of beautiful straight wings. (Madien day must buy 4D.)
Date of birth.
The servo bay is fairly close to the hinge line, had to cut out abit of the top corner to prevent binding. Test fit everything first before marking out where the control horn go, glue it in with some epoxy + chopped up FG mix.

Use transparency and mark out position of 3 pin dean connector. Drill hole for it. Flip the transparency over n do the same for the wings. This will ensure the position for the connectors matched up.

I 'm going to do plug n fly wings using the 3 pin deans connectors as similar to what i have done with the discus. Suffer once, enjoy later. Made twisted extension wire, solder to servo, pull through the hole and solder on the connector

Made the connector for the fuselage side. -> So that can use it to center the servo. All this wirings and soldering actually took up quite a bit of time, 2~3 hrs.

Center the servo, glue it in place with epoxy mix. Servo was first wrapped with layer of masking tape. Notice the servo horn is angled towards the front. This is to get differential throws, since we need less down throw and more up aileron travel.
Glue the connector in and make sure its flushed except the 3 pins sticking out.
Wings considered done less attaching the servo covers later on. Next is the fuselage, that will be the tricky part...

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Anonymous said...


How's the Salto coming?

I had a couple of near death experiences with my one. Turning down wind lead to a couple of nasty tip stalls, it needs to fly fast.
There is a link to some video footage of it.
All the best