Friday, February 23, 2007

Great flight , bad crash

Had the best flight yet on the discus today, sad thing is it had a mid air crash on the same flight. Dam, feel dam wasted. Now i know how WY felt.

It was the first flight of the day for the discus. I finally got a hang of her flying characteristics and got her trimmed properly, my aim on that flight was to do rolls like those in the videos. Was not confident enough yet so had to bring her up high to do it.

After circling the slope for a few rounds, founds some thermals and up she went. Went up to specked out height, brought her down a bit n started trying out the rolls. The first fews were barrel rolls, after a few tries she did some nice axial ones. The roll rate was hell of slow but it looked great for a scale ship doing rolls.

Came down lower to the slope, since not much planes were flying today, i got much space for some dives and low passes. Wow the molded wings sounded dam sweet as she dives by. With confidence gained, i put her through rolls at the end of those aggressive dives, banana-style. Superbly fun and exciting.

Then the fateful happened, i had enough fun and wanted to land so shouted for landing, it was coming in fast n i had to abort, next i know it collided mid air with my friend's epp glider , a JW54. Man my heart sank as i watch her drop from the sky. His wings hit the vertical tail of the discus at quite a fast speed. The horizontal stab and rudder post broke, canopy and fuse cracked.
Had no idea why he was flying nearby cos normally we keep clear whenever anyone shouted landing, he tried to avoid ,but it happened too fast. I don't blame him, it was unintentional ,things like this happen, especially at the slope. Just feel wasted that it had to happen when im just beginning to have some fun. Haiz. No more mood to fly after that. Think thats it for the season.

Ok enough of whining, got to SUMO (Shut Up and Move On). No regrets as i had done what i set out to do, loops, rolls, dives on the discus. Have already emailed for the replacement parts, she will rest now till the next season.

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