Saturday, September 15, 2007


Some flying buddies came over from east and north side to visit us at segar field this morning. It was great to have them over. Weather started well, cool and slight overcast.

It was a warm feeling to see and have flying kakis from all over to come and join us at our usual field. I very much enjoyed the interactions and chit chats. We were all having a great time when the skies decided to open up. Well at least everyone had at least one flight.

Here's some pics of the cool guys. You guys are always welcome anytime.

Helis everywhere
WY looking cool
CKS after a satisfying flight
Check out his full house tray
Fit catching up on some rc news
Happy CJ

Ken from RadioControlSports put up a aggressive 3D display.

Ipod inspired tx.
Shocking pink. Nice!
Helping to mow the grass
So much was achieved with just tt50, stock pipe, align 3amp bec, berg 7 FM rx. "Its the pilot". Hohoho
He brought with him the new BEAM heli from korea.
Bling Bling. Simple and solid.
Packing up before the storm hits.

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