Thursday, September 06, 2007

Biggest motor?

What's the biggest motor you ever owned?

Here's mine.
LOL. The electric starter for engine.

Eagerly wanted to fly yesterday after work, brought all the stuff to the field only to find out that the spinner cup of the starter had came loose. Duh... cant start engine, cant fly.

I couldn't remove the nut as i had applied some CA last time. So had to dissembled the starter to remove and then re-tightened the nut.
The whole starter is the motor itself, simple design n works. The hard part is putting everything back after that. The brushes has a spring that pushes it against the commutator.Huge magnets
Contact switch
The trick i found out is to push the brushes back,lock them in place to make sure enough gap for the armature. Install the armature, then release the brushes so that they push against the commutator. Followed by the outer can and the rest follows.

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