Monday, September 03, 2007

Heli litters

One of the interesting aspect of this hobby is meeting (new) people who share the same interest. At funflys, pilots share their stories like old friends. There is much to chit chat, see, learn and get inspired.

Was at Tampines ave 5 last Sunday, the field was very big stretching some 200meters, able to accommodate 2-3 flight lines. There were at least 10 over pilots with their helis and planes littered all over the pavement.

The flight lines
Plane fliers gathered at one side of the field
Gold plated 90 SE with muscle pipe. Bling bling
Somebody got a new toy
Kamelot hotliner. Beautiful sound as it cuts the air, unfortunately, it folded its wings in a spectacular dive.
Brushless slowstick. There were a pair of them, flying so high in the skies.

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