Monday, May 07, 2007

Heli mania tbp

Pics from an unexpected large turnout of helis today at tbp. Saw a R90 flew , very stable, very nice. Big is definitely better.

Helis all over the place

R90 sui ah
How many guys does it take to start a heli? Five. One to hold the blade, one to hold the starter, one to hold the glow plug starter, one to tune the throttle, n one to supervise. Ho ho ho.
120size acrobatics plane. Big is good, visible from far
R90 setting up
R90 test fly
Tuning the walkera
WY's heli repaired with new pipe
Check out the new Align 6amp regulator. It got a built in switch, nice.
WY test fly
Some serious discussion going on.
Another big plane.
Stand-by heli!

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