Sunday, February 04, 2007

Slope pics 3rd Feb weekend

Rain is finally gone. Weather was fairly cloudy, it eventually cleared up. The wind strength was good, but its still shifting left, on and off. Fairly good day at slope with as many as 10 over planes in the air at one time.

Discus repaired and flew today, gave it a nice smoke coat on the canopy. Pics below includes spider2m, tt ehawk1400, tt ehawk2k mod, 4.2 m ASK21, skylark 6, audry (talon), among others.

The 4.2m ASK21 is simply awesome, the biggest plane there today. It just hangs in the air looking so stable as if the winds has no effect at all. One flight on this is enough to make the day... Some more to come tomorrow.
Sunday was similar weather to sat. Cloudy skies clear after one round of small drizzle. Fantastic wind after the rain, blowing directly perpendicular to the slope for fairly long periods. The huge lift column created gave the flyers much airspace to maneuver their planes higher up. Lots of thermal as well.Besides the numerous DG1Ks, there is the huge classic Ka6e and the lovely bird of time. Most of us were enjoying ourselves just by watching them fly...

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