Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ripe nana

The banana was completed and she flew superbly. Previously had finished the wings, the fuselage takes abit more planning and more work to complete. From the long banana thread at RCGroups, seems that the V-tail requires a few degree of shimming. Measuring the V-tail incidence is abit tricky and i only had one incidence meter with me. So what i did was use the meter, set the wing such that the incidence is zero and use this as reference point. Secure the whole plane before setting the Vtail up. Vtail is using heli ball links.
The fuselage was dremelled open and 1 cm ply wood strips was used to secure the servos. Space is really tight, had to use the berg 7 rx to save some space. Added about 60grams of lead in the nose.Madien flight was great, only needed a few clicks of up trim. She was cutting through the wind like hot knife through butter and was ripping up the skies with rolls, loops, cubans. Fast, agile, superb energy retention and insane roll rate. The yellow skin really made her stood out in the blue sky.

Due to her thin profile,several times when she flew towards me, she became one thin line and disappear momentously. Scared me a few times. Landings are hot, have to learn to slow her down more. Also she doesnt quite make the sssshuiiii sound on dives but makes a nice high shriek one when doing fast rolls at the end of dives. Definitely much more fun factor than the discus.Today was only a small group of us at the slope although season is on full now. The numbers are just nice and cozy, we all knew each other so had lots of fun combating, playing 'hit the bottle' and just chit chatting. End of the day, as i was packing up, the smu prof came with his gentle lady. He always arrive towards the end of the evenings when most pple have gone back. I have seen him fly this gentle lady since 2 years back, and i can see he is contented with what he has and is still having lots of fun with it. Got to learn to be like him...

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