Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Discus build contd. I

Its X'mas, didnt manage to finish the discus in time. Not much lost as winds wasn't great when i went to the slope in the afternoon. Its blowing way too much from the left. Trying to finish up the plane next few days as im on leave. kekeke.

Some build pics. Discus parts. Some specs of the Baudis Discus 2b.
Wing Span: 2.5 m (98")
Wing Area: 28.5 dm2 (442 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: S 3010
Wing Loading: 40 g/dm2 (12.7 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.1 kg (39 oz)
. Electronics used for discus - DS362 on elevator(overkill i know, wanted the digital precision for the elevator), hs85mg for rudder, hs65 ailerons, JR Rs77s sythn Rx powered by the new sanyo eneloop cells (which suppose to hold charge better than the normal ones). Made a trial board to hold the electronics for testing n programming.

Used greatplanes small nylon control horns for the ailerons, cut off the mounting tabs and drilled in some holes at the bottom for the epoxy to grab. Measure out the aileron placement n dremel it! Not just the wings are hollow, the aileron as well. Epoxy the control horn in , with fillet of epoxy all round the sides for reinforcement. Make sure the control horn holes are at or behind the hinge line to get more leverage.

Made a template for the rudder servo tray , then use it to cut out 3mm ply.

Always measure twice, cut once!

To be continued....

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