Monday, March 16, 2009

TR Korea 09 Competition site

The koreans put up some pics of the competition site.

Flying at the volcano! Flying is possible in every wind direction. View from top looks manificent. Looks like its possible to DS in the middle of the crater as well.


CM Cheng said...

Hi Mazon,

This is CM Cheng from Hong Kong. I also joined the VR09. Looking forward to meet you in Jeju :)

The vocano slope is new to us, and is probably new to many slope fliers in the world! It needs to walk up to the top and the trail is steep and long. Very challenging !!

See you in Jeju!

mazon said...

Hi CM,

Thanks for posting! Yeah volcano slope is interesting. Its very new to us too, and so is F3F. We hope we can learn from you guys from hongkong who has the luxury of flying F3F year round. Really envy you guys.

See you in jeju!