Thursday, March 12, 2009

Team F3F Singapore

We have been flying slope for a few years now. Our only slope in Singapore is very gentle so the lift is not very strong, it is more suited for thermals. Hence we have been travelling to other parts in nearby regions (Sedili, phuket) to fly in stronger winds condition.

And this year, most of us have graduated into big composites. We luv the size and speed and want to find better conditions to really fly the planes out. It started with a innocent suggestion at sedili, "Hey maybe we can go to hongkong to try out F3F" as they good flyable conditions all year round. Then it so happens there is going to be a regional F3F race coming up in Korea in May. Ho Ho Ho. I decided to just do it, life is too short to think too much, grab hold of a few other crazy enough flying buddies and proposed to them that we send a team there.

After much discussions and persuasions, Team F3F Singapore is formed to take part in the upcoming Typhoon race in Korea. We hope to go there and do our best as well as make friends with fellow slope pilots from the region.

I hope by sharing our experiences here will encourage more fellow slopers to join us on the next trip.

What is F3F?
About typhoon race.

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