Friday, August 10, 2007

TT50 reloaded

Luckily the engine failed while hovering so autorotated down n heli is ok.

Its simple to just get an OS but this TT50 is not that bad, has been quite reliable and managed to start almost every time. On top of that the fuel consumption is great (12mins per tank) .

I read somewhere in the engine manual that tt has warranty, so i contacted Rotor hobby and told Walter abt the engine. He asked me to bring it down for him to take a look. He examined the engine and commented that it did not have any signs of lean or over heating. its maybe due to too high rpm.

He advised not to run high rpm and use higher nitro/lub content fuel. He then offered to replace the damage parts with half an engine for FREE, so practically i got back a new engine except the heat sink and carb. And he will be sending the busted engine back to TT for further analysis.
Kudos to him for the fast response n service.

The engine was only 5 months old, still not very sure what caused it. I m very sure i assembled back the engine correctly and didn't ran it lean, was shocked at the holes in the casing as well. I have asked around , and some fliers said it may be due to cleaning of the piston, cylinder,etc with scotch brite, which may destroyed the smooth running surfaces...

Another lesson.. Will be using back the replacement and has started to break-in the new engine...

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