Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sticky clutch

Seems like problems comes one after the other, after the fixing back the tt50 engine, i soon faced another, sticky clutch.

Symptoms: For the past gallon, the clutch was engaging very early, even on very low idle. I thought it was cos the engine was still set to be very rich, the vibrations when the engine is 4 stroking sometimes caused the clutch to be engaged once awhile at idle.

I could still fly but the problem got worse ,so much so that i when i crank start the engine , the blades will want to spin. making the engine impossible to start when holding on to the blades.

Went back dropped the engine and examined the clutch. Found that clutch has sprang opened fairly wide and liner was thin. WY suggested to press back the clutch n try again. i did that n the it idles up nicely but the problem came back immediately after i landed.
Removed the liner for replacement
Found that the starter shaft was making click click noises when turned by hand. It turned out that the clutch bell bearing is notchy. Heat up the bell in the oven n slowly tapped it out.

Notchy bearing
Off to get some spares...

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