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Apachobby E-wasp plug and fly review

Apachobby E-wasp plug and fly review

Apachobby offers the E-Wasp as a mini-hot liner that is capable of blistering speeds. It is powered by a MVVS 2,5/1480 electric motor and will definitely turn a few heads as the plane dive towards the ground for that famous “Swoosh”. Its bound to keep your heart pumping at full adrenalin during your entire flight duration!

Wingspan : 51.9 in (1320mm)
Length : 28.3 in (720mm)
Airfoil : MH43
Servos : Ailerons -Savox 0257MG x2 , Elevator – Savox 0257MG x1
Motor : MVVS 2,5/1480
ESC : Castle Creations ICE Lite 50
Prop : Aeronaut 9x5

Kit contents :

Wing is one piece with both ailerons servos installed. Horizontal stab comes separate from fuselage so just need to screw it on to complete. Fuselage comes with elevator servo, motor, esc, spinner installed. Prop is separate for user to install for safety.

Kit includes :
-          one piece wing with 2 x Savox 0257 installed
-          fuselage with MVVS 2,5/1480 , CC 50 ice lite, turbo spinner, Aeronaut 9x5, Savox 0257 as elevator servo.
-          Horizontal stablizer
-          User manual

Assembly and setup:

Its plug & fly so majority of the work is done. I just added a piece of Velcro for the battery.

Ease of setup : setup at field takes about 5mins, only 2 plugs to connect for the wings, 1 screw to screw down the wing and good to go.


Fuselage : ample space in fuse for batteries, RXs goes to the back of fuselage

C.G : recommended CG was 45-55mm, as manufacturers normally recommend conservative CG, I went with 48/49 mm for maiden.

Throws : went with recommended throws, 10/5 ailerons, 4/4 for elevator. I added about 30% expo to both. Felt very comfortable on these settings.

Maiden flight

Launch : I gave 50% of throttle and a light toss and off she went. Once it left my hand, I gave it full throttle, it accelerates steadily into the sky. Maiden was close to perfect, just 1,2 click of up trim on elevator.

Size/Presence in sky : 1.3m for me was a very comfortable size, its very compact, easy to carry around , fits nicely in the glider bag, in car seat. I took bus from office, then walked 20mins to the field, no problem at all. Yet its big enough and visible in the sky. Its targeted at pilots that are new to composites, bigger planes maybe too over bearing for them.

Speed/Climb rate: I haven’t flown powered gliders for awhile so I m not sure what to expect. When I maiden it , it felt very comfortable, at full throttle, it gave a nice climb that I felt was always under control. At stock power system with 3s, climb rate was ok. From the altitude logger, I was flying with average climb rate of about 10-16m/s , For the experienced hotliner pilots may find the climb rate a little lacking on 3s, for me was adequate for now.

On unpowered dives coming from heights of about 80-100m, the E-wasp kept on accelerating on the way down. The thin wings, MH43 profile really helps in its speed, energy retention is pretty good for this size.

Handling : Plane tracks well and goes to where you point it,  very well behaved and agile at the same time. Basically I felt very comfortable flying this guy as I know it goes where I want it to and the size it not too intimidating. No bad habits.

Power system: On stock setup using 3s 2200mah, after flying for 8 mins, the motor come down just slightly warm to touch, suggesting that it could be pushed further. I did about 25 climbs, energy consumed was 1176mah, so there is plenty of reserve left to go for more rounds. Will update with amp draw after i retrive the castle esc logs.

Acrobatics : On only my 2nd flight on this plane, I felt comfortable enough to push it through some acrobatics. Rolls, loops were straight and through. 4 points rolls need to be slightly faster as this is a small plane so it does not carries enough momentum for hanging. Low passes were awesome. Very agile , tight turns no problem. On inverted flight , it needed a touch of up to hold inverted. I may move it back in future for more acrobatic performance.

Landing : with spoilerons (both ailerons go up) , needed a slight mix of down elevator to keep the plane from pitching up during landing. It was able to come down at a comfortable speed, even though it has no flaps.

Is this for beginner?
Not for pure beginners to RC,Apachobby's E-wasp Plug & Fly is meant more for pilots who wish to step up from foamies and balsa to a platform that offers a higher performance. 

Conclusion :

+Plug & Fly , no building required
+Good size comfortable plane
+Easy to transport
+Good handling and tracking yet agile

- the recommended 3s is suitable for pilots new to composites, for experienced hotliner pilots may prefer it on 4s.
- a little more colour on the wings will be nice.

A good mini-hotliner that can leave in the car everyday for those stress free flights, perfect for those who wants to upgrade from  say, MPX blizzard. The buiding/assembly is already done, good for those who don't have the knowledge or time to build up a composite glider. The power system selection has been tried and tested, so you can just focus on the flying.

On 4s.
With the same setup, 4s 1800 was used and flown by my co-pilot. This plane really came alive with 4s. The climb rate, punch was more powerful and put a grin to his face. I hope to be able to try 4s soon and capture a better video showing 4s flights. 

Video of E-wasp on 3s.

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