Saturday, May 05, 2012

Hobby Expo China Beijing May 2012

I have the privilege to attend the Hobby Expo China 2012 held in Beijing this week.

There were about 200 exhibitors :
-The bigger brands like Futaba, JR, Hitec were represented by their China Distributors or office. Mostly showing their latest transmitters, Futaba 18mz, JR transformer lookalike DMSS series of TX, Hitec/Multiplex with their profi line.
-Big Distributors from China, Hongkong , they showcased the many brands they carry.
-The bigger Chinese brands, like Nine Eagles, SkyRC, Esky,Arttech,etc.
-Smaller companies offering OEM/ODM from servos, escs to micro helis.
-A few companies offering raw materials, magnets, carbon fiber products, etc

- The main product line up were foamies, micro helis, RTR cars, Toy planes/helis. Many companies offering about the same things, however not much new innovative designs.
- Of course the hot trending multi-rotors, lots of emphasis on multi rotor stuff, AP/AV, with products customised and designed specially for multi-rotor use, e.g. high-freq ESCs, motors with extra long leads. Many companies with their own frame, board, gimbals.

Enjoy the pictures

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