Monday, November 30, 2009

Flasher 600 ESP build review

This review focus on the Flasher 600 ESP kit from The Flasher 600 ESP kit comes very complete with CF frames , full metal head and tail and torque tube drive. Another Glass Fiber with belt version is also available. The bare bone kit versions are particular suitable for modellers who wish to use their own electronics.

Kit. - The kit comes in a nicely packed box with the components grouped into their respective packaging.


Head Assembly - Pretty much the standard stuff, quality of the metal and finishing is reasonably good. The swash uses sealed bearings.

Frame - Frames follow the newer ESP design and at 2mm thick, are slightly thicker than the standard Align ones. Carbon weave was uniform throughout and well cut out. One thing to note, the metal aileron levelers are the old electric version and not the new ESP version which is slighly slanted at an angle. This should not affect the flying in anyway as the geometry of the linkages remains the same.

Metal holder with CF servo frame for tail servo

Torque Tube Drive - Gears fit well together and torque tube is solid.

Tail assembly - Tail comes all metal with the metal tail pitch slider and metal tail rotor holder. Pitch slider slides smoothly on the tail shaft.

Canopy is the standard lighting yellow fiberglass canopy. Material is solid and paint work is ok.

Issues and conclusion.

The assembly of the kit is fairly standard, the only issue i faced during the assembly was the tail rotor hub needs abit of sanding for the tail rotor shaft to go through smoothly. Other than that, everything fitted well together.Quality and finishing is reasonably good. Will review how it flies after i fit the electronics on it.