Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from Korea

Got back from F3F Typhoon race 2 weeks ago. It was a great trip, eye opener for us and we learn so much from it. More TR updates at the team blog. After we got back, i seem to be a bit lethargic for RC. It seems that its not only me, but the rest of the team members as well.I guess its cos of all the anticipation, excitement, adrenaline flow is now over, we need to recover abit.

Well on a personal level, i'm glad i got this trip started and ended with what we set out to do. I hope this will pave the way for future pilots from SG to venture overseas and take part. It showed as long as we put our hearts to it, we can do it even without the proper resources (like a F3F capable slope in Sg)

Time for a break from the slope, another 6 months before the slope season comes at the end of the year. New goals to set, new targets to be achieve.