Thursday, January 24, 2008

Le fuse

The fuselage was sanded to fish shape earlier on, its time to add in the internal electronics. All the electronics will be buried inside the fuselage with the battery to rx connectors outside. The fuselage is strengthen with 3 pieces of CF rods. The rudder, elevator servos are placed one on each side for balance.

Rough layout

Mark out the lines and start dremeling

Everything was measured as precise as i could and dremel out. Turned out nice and clean.

Goop in the stuff

Close up. The elevator servo will be connected to the Rx just before gluing the halves together.

The tail felt quite weak, added some CF strips for reinforcement.

3M77 was used to glue the halves together. The battery connector to RX sticking out for on-off and charging.

Tried on the wings and it seems there is no way i can squeeze those connectors into the fuse. Will cut a slot near the wings for them later.


2 piece of filament tape across the fuse on each side first.

Tape the edges with smaller pieces of bi-directional tape to get around the curves

Finish up with tape running vertically.

Prepare the Elevator halves for connection
Drill hole and sand in a ditch for the torque rod

Make sure they fit nice n tight

There were reports of horizontal stab cracking easily so glassed it with 3/4oz cloth. Squeeze out as much epoxy as i could to keep the weight out. Vertical stab was also glassed.

Almost there...

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